Our Classes

Epitome Academy's classes and lessons are formulated with a hands-on approach to provide students with more than what they are taught in a standard classroom.  Our programs build the foundation for the students' future successes!


Students learn to identify various robotic elements using specialized LEGO sets. As they achieve higher levels, they learn to program the machines as well as design their own autonomous robots.


Our Common Core aligned math class is designed to engage students by combining instruction with additional brain teasers and puzzles. We stimulate their critical thinking skills in a way that is challenging but fun!

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking class trains students' ability to analyze and summarize information.
This skill can help students
make good decisions and understand and solve



Covering a wide range of topics, our science class researches and designs experiments so that students may develop a closer connection to the
world around them.


Our all-encompassing English class explores multiple aspects of the English language, including reading comprehension, grammar, speech, and debate. Our students learn essential communication skills that they will use for a lifetime! 


This class is based on immersion and practice. We combine standard instruction with our themed lessons to help students improve on writing and speaking Chinese.


A wordsmith is a person who is skilled with words. This class’s focus is on building students’ vocabulary and concrete understanding of lexicon words.

Reporter / Journalist

Little Reporter / Little Journalist classes introduce current events that impact our lives.  Through current events, students will research, gather supporting information, analyze, and summarize their findings.  


Special Subject Classes


Students who learn to program early in life gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind programming. Our coding class  is a special blend of lectures and labs that will better prepare our students for the rapid technological developments ahead.


Our E.S.L. class introduces students to the English language by incorporating activities such as story-telling, music, and conversation. Our lesson plan adaptations will build academic language skills for words, sentences and discourse through constant practice and teaming up with their peers.


Our writing class approaches writing from many different angles. From descriptive to narrative to creative, students will explore and master many writing styles. The goal is to create a virtuous cycle of enthusiasm toward writing.

This class will also create and publish work on Storybird, a renowned platform for young creative writers.


Tricolor Art Studio lends their reputable art instructor once a week to teach our multi-medium art class. This program goes far beyond arts and crafts to teach students about lines, shapes, color and tones in objects and in life to understand the fundamentals of drawing and painting. This class is a student favorite!